Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Old Fox

We made money by being Bear for one year we also made money by being Bull for short time. But now it’s time to be Fox. That is being flexible to change your stand from Bull to bear & Vice versa in markets depending on Events.

A lively, insightful look at the world of animal intelligence:

Recent evidence has dismissed the belief that animals are simply reflex machines, acting without thought or real consciousness. In response, there has been a rush to examine animal intelligence. Yet what, precisely, is intelligence? Is it the ability to learn, the ability to remember, or the ability to survive? What delineates instinct from intelligence? Why are dolphins smarter than eagles and bees smarter than worms? Are cats smarter than dogs?

Old Fox explores the often-misconstrued world of animal intelligence. From examines the ways we have come to view motivation and intelligence in animals. By evaluating our complex relationships to animals-why we eat some animals while pampering others is often predicated on a commensurate belief in intelligence- offers us a better understanding of our own way of thinking. Entertaining, and scrupulously researched, Old Fox will challenge your previously held notions about animals and the measure of intelligence, both theirs and ours.

The idea that intelligence is a "monolithic capacity, [and] that differences among species are always quantitative, variations in amount rather than kind" is a pervasive belief and one that this book does an excellent job of refuting. Different species have differing needs for intelligence, with some extremely successful species operating on fewer neurons than they have legs.

Be Smart Investor.

Atul Sikrai.

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