Friday, November 16, 2012

My World


..... la la la la la la..... (O,°)╯Oooohhh...

Firstly, it's all about me. No interactions needed. But then we happened to have something in common, and things seem go along pretty well, it's all about me and you now, then it's all about us. But it's all about mutual interests, fun engagement, and interesting conversations, all in natural responses, really. Beyond that, nothing else but surely for fun sake!!! YAY! :D/

I simply define any social network platforms as the most fun, yet misinterpreted social communication tool, the most interesting, yet causes of petty and huge misunderstandings and social conflicts that had ever been invented and developed by people for the people (and that is only my opinion). -,-

The best part of it, is we're just having fun and seem to move on. We learn things from here. But are we ready to learn? Or not? Or just let our minds wonder? I do and I do not. So we choose, and drink some juice! ( ' ³ ' )フ

SO, WHY AM I, MYSELF AND ME, HERE ON (How about it?)

Meanwhile Me, Myself, and my World, is just another stranger. I came here without barely known friends or friends of friends, 'cos they're pretty much staying on the other side. And real life families and friends always have the best place in my heart, outside. Only if by chance, I traditionally hang out with them and together funly share our different stories and stuff. That's for me, making a life cool and into the groove, being not too far away from this technological boundaries. It always feels better, that way. ^_^


First, I can't get away with it. My work requires internet, so I need to get myself have a li'l fun online,But I'm not really a very "social" person, online. It just lucky to get bumped with cool People here I just loved the platform, where I can relax my mind even in times of misery, O_O but it's none of anyone's business here. ;)

Second, I need to keep in touch with my dear ones overseas, by using an alternative online communication tool. Just to make myself not to be worried too much 'bout them. 'Cos I miss them sometimes. X)))

If I'm not online, I used to hangout outside. Just the usual fun stuff, even if it means sleeping and slacking the whole day whenever my day offs at work! YAY!!! I really need a total recharge! :D
It isn't all about you. It's the thoughts that I'm thinking, relating, smiling, laughing and giggling. ><


Atul Sikrai

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Blue Ocean Thinker !

Imagine a market universe composed of two sorts of 'oceans': red oceans and blue oceans. Red oceans represent the industries currently in existence. This is the known market space. Blue oceans are all the industries not in existence today. This is the unknown market space.

In the red oceans, industry boundaries are well defined and generally accepted, and the competitive rules of the game are known. Here, companies Endeavour to compete with their rivals to grab a greater share of existing demand. As the market space gets more crowded, prospects for profits and growth are reduced. Products become commodities, and cut-throat competition turns the ocean bloody.
Blue oceans, in contrast, are defined by untapped market space, demand creation and the opportunity for highly profitable growth. Although some blue oceans are created well beyond existing industry boundaries, most are created from within red oceans by expanding existing industry boundaries. In blue oceans, competition is absent because the rules of the game are not yet set.

It will always be important to swim successfully in the red ocean by out-performing rivals. But with supply exceeding demand in more industries, competing for a share of contracting markets, while necessary, is not sufficient to sustain high performance.

Companies need to go beyond competing. To seize new profit and growth opportunities, they also need to create blue oceans.

Unfortunately, blue oceans are largely uncharted. The dominant focus of strategy work over the past 25 years has been on competition-based red ocean strategies. Some discussions of blue oceans exist. But until now there has been little practical guidance on how to create them. To Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant, we provide practical frameworks and analytics for the systematic pursuit and capture of blue oceans.

Thanking you
Atul Sikrai

Vice President ( wiTdom )
Founder (Brand Diagonal)
Chief Mentor (Esteem MeLife )
Humor Officer (SAtango Silk)
Knowlez Officer (Knowlez HRbanco)

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Out Of Mind

Introduction: I am really relaxed. I love music. Horror movies are awesome. Obsessed with Pandora (still). Love art; painting, drawing, makeup, fashion. Loving life at the moment (:       I am Lover, Fighter, and Artist & Songwriter.

Warning: Don't come at me being a humorless person, I will make you regret it. Trust me. I will do something to not cause you physical pain but I will definitely make you upset. I am sick and tired of being mistreated by some humorless persons, and I will no longer have it. I like who I am, I am far from perfect and never claim to be. I post the good the bad the ugly. : I WILL POST WHAT I WANT.
Sometimes I am happy and want to share that, sometimes I feel like an evil man and want to be as nasty as I can. I may even disagree with you sometimes. Not working is so boring. I sit here all day with nothing to do. Life is so hard..
Who the Ruck am I bills are all paid..I Post like it is a sport and I work really hard on never really knowing what day it is...
My weekend starts on Wednesday and finishes on is a hard life but someone has to do it lol.
Do not hate me because I am crazy; hate me because I am full of intelligence: P
Here is a me about something you're involved with for eight hours or more every day on your your job. Now you have your own personal humor punch. I will allow you to reflect on this time, view it in new ways and deal with it creatively. It's a humor punch, an individual companion for your brain or hand. Not only will it ask you unusual questions, it will actually challenge you. Use it to generate novel ideas and fresh perspectives and achieve greater mental agility.

home - survived the bleeding - hung over - have to pull my shit together to go to mums for lunch - brain no worky, skipping all notification, just too many to see.... sorry...yay it is monday...wanted to finish on a happy is Monday isn't it.. yeah phew.
Love ya

Atul Sikrai

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I can make you Laugh

I am Humor Enthusiast. I spend my time going about The Net & post whatever catches my fancy ;-)

At first I was just two cells, one of which won an informal swimming competition. Then, a blastula. Then an embryo, a fetus, a baby, a really, really annoying child, a totally out of control teenager, a reformed young adult, a stock trader, then finally, I matured into the Business strategist that I am today. Tomorrow, however, I may be senile, not to mention that whole usual thing depending on spirits. Possibly there will be fighting to avoid depends, too. If you need more information, you're advised to ask me soon, before I forget entirely who I am. Wait, what was the question?

I am a Successful Brand Strategist, Studied Stuff. , Looking for friendship, Lives over there, born some time ago. Have some relatives.
Tech Enthusiast, Movies & Music Addict.

According to same test says I am 71% Rational, 0% Extroverted, 57% Brutal, and 29% Arrogant. ^_^

Love to use logic, wit and sarcasm to confuse people: P
I spend 95% of my time online, and the other 5% of my time in the bathroom, longing to get back on the computer
 If, God forbid, you somehow find me amusing instead of Crass, Lunatic and Annoying, be sure to check out

Loves Cute Kittys (Kittens), Science, Tech, 
Google, Fish, Pasta, Android OS, Parodies, Photography, Animated GIF, Psychology etc not any particular rank.
I am here is Just for having Fun, Nothing Serious, So Just Chill and Let Others Chill ;-)   ¯\_()_/¯ 

Guys, always remember:
1.) If I don't think your joke is funny, you are an awful person.
2.) Things are only funny if they offend nobody.
3.) The Internet is serious business.
(none of the above is true ;-)

Thanks for checking  my profile! :-)

¯\_()_/¯   ( _ ) (◦''◦) ,,|,, 


Atul Sikrai.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Proud to be a BEAR

People in financial market often call me intrinsic Bear.
Let me tell that I am proud to be bear and often run huge short positions in equity and commodity markets. If you are reader of our wiTdom blogs you must have noticed that I was constantly bearish on markets and was confident about the market crashing.
As we see markets around world are falling its moment of joy for me.

People often call me selfish cruel and arrogant bear .But let me tell you it’s my vision to predict future that makes us bearish. We are able to measure the fundamentals correctly.
We are able to plot technical right and my solid weapon that ability to see what stars and planets are going to do.

See Bear are not cruel but they are realistic persons who takes negatives in the system as top priority .See I am you friend and I am here to help you .If something is wrong in the system we are here to tell you about it.I just care for you that’s why I get arrogant and often scare you about worst future so don’t get hurt if I offend your views.
Yes lord is with me and I know I am right! And soon world will understand me.

Thanking you

Atul Sikrai

Vice President ( wiTdom investment)
Founder ( Brand Diagonal)
Chief Mentor ( Esteem Melife)
Humor officer (Satango)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Multi-Page Diatribe of Psychobabble

Ok, first a bit of a disclaimer. In terms of getting to know a person, I think one shouldn't take what's posted on social media too much deeper than face value. Social media is no substitute for actually getting to know a person.
I see myself as a good Social Media(SM) user, I am here most days, I invite my friends and I encourage all I meet to jump over to SM
I am a consumer, I have disposable income...
After reading this little tit just shows me that they consider my content un-interesting and inappropriate. This little blurb, "serendipitous and diverse information".... well just LOL!
It should never be what YOU can do for a web site. It is about what a web site can do for YOU...without us they make no money. Without us there are no SM Simple facts!
So here goes a bit of wild speculation in the name of fun.
I have an offbeat sense of humor and am willing to accept a broad range of things as interesting, I am not narrowing minded. I feel passionately about certain things, more than just a little ambivalent about others.
I am one of four people on earth who can do the two steps in just one step.
I am part of a secret society so secret, even I don't know about it. I would take four sugars in my tea but you don't like tea that sweet. I can recite any palindrome backwards perfectly without a second thought. I know at least two ways to do anything once.
I can cook two-minute noodles in thirty seconds.
I can calculate the odds of "that, and know intuitively what they say before they say it.
I have discovered the meaning of life and have since changed my view of its definition. I would have been able to discern more, but I am a quite a private person.

Always your

Atul Sikrai

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Atul Crazy Version 1.1

Introduction: Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Kids are not welcome on my blog. Please leave.

You asked so here is the brief history of Atul Sikrai:
Established  1974. I come from a very conservative family. My parents think anyone who has a GF is a bad guy; you can guess the rest of their opinions. I had an excellent private education and then went on to further it, and further it still. I have bits of paper that prove it. If I think like you then you will know that I am not normal. If I do not, then you will never understand so there is no point explaining. I find it very hard to suffer fools, but my nerves are to be a little more tolerable with the stupid of this world and more vocal towards too ignorant.

 I live in Mumbai, India, and I have had several scary ideas so that is the most you will get out of me. When I play I play hard. I have 2 speeds, light speed and stop.

I am as clever as I am stupid. If you are around for the clever moments I will amaze you, unless you stick around and watch me at my dumbest then you will lose all said amazement. If you take me seriously you do so at your own risk. My mood changes weekly blame the hormones. I try not to hate a lot of things because it takes up so much time. I am random and I make myself laugh. I am not on social media to sell anything or gain any kind of reputation. If I see something that is funny I post it. If I think something and want to share...yeah you guessed it. When you flatter me I just presume you are being sarcastic. I can not handle compliments well, so I get all smart arse about it...

Believe it or not...I am a little bit shy till I get to know a person or situation. I am braver when there is a screen there..

OK as always bored of talking about me...blah blah blah..


Atul Sikrai.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Social Media Jerk

HEllo I have a strange face but i'm funny!!!
Digital Jerk

Instead of a long-winded explanation of who I am and what I’m into, picture next is an over-bloated, egotistical infographic  picture to explain myself and my existence.  The short of it?  I’m a 38 year-old digital marketing strategy kinda guy with a passion for the web, technology, photography, all kinds of music,  gaming,  and a few other things…..

My guess is that only three people will ever read this: me, my clients and maybe, just maybe, my future wife.  That’s okay though.  I need a place to store all of my thoughts on marketing, tech, the web, etc.  I will, however, completely avoid politics because I’m exhausted from it all—and I’m very passionate about politics.  You see, I’m 38(ish!) now and I want to have fun doing what I love to do—talking about marketing strategy, technology, the web, and other cool stuff unrelated to the negative stuff that surrounds us all every day.  At least that’s the goal of this blog. I’m not a New Year resolutions kinda guy, but this year, I absolutely MUST organize my digital life. Yeah, this post is totally random and has nothing to do with marketing, but I’m in “thinking-out-loud” mode here, so bare with me.

Last year, I started the process of sort-of “re-branding” myself with this domain and all matters of social networking sites and services. And while I secured the various accounts, I’ve since become entirely too busy to focus on much more than LinkedIn professionally and Facebook for personal stuff. Not to mention, many of the social networks I joined, I just wanted to try them out. When it comes to music, which I love, my digital life is equally as organized. I also love photography, so I’ll post some select photos I make from time-to-time and offer access to full-sets on my Facebook account as soon as I get off my busy duff and update Facebook =)  Of course, some family members aren’t interested in becoming famous, so I’ll hide most of those pictures.

I am senior-level marketing professional and entrepreneur with 14 years of both executive and hands-on experience—particularly within the Internet space—developing and executing successful sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations strategies while building, managing and mentoring the teams and individuals that support such strategies.

Thanks for visiting enjoy!

Bona fide Social Media Jerk

Atul Sikrai

Founder ( Brand Daigonal)
Sr VP ( witdom investment advisory)
Chief Mentor ( Esteem MeLife)
Humor Officer (Satango Silik )

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Color Your Marketing Plans .

A business exists to create a customer. When times are hard can your business continue to grow? True success continually expands while others fall behind.

The proverbial brick wall has been reached - are you going to stare at it, or get around it?

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time." - Henry Ford

Sometimes a new perspective is all it takes to breach barriers. When you and your crew have waged the war and need reinforcements, or simply a fresh angle, trust someone with expertise, multiple disciplines, and a flair for problem-solving. Whether you need a few fresh ideas, or ongoing services, take the time to find out how we can help you achieve.

- Strategy and Advice
- Campaign Planning
- Writing and Editing
- Social and New Media
- Graphic Design
- Presentations
- Brand & Messaging
- Corporate Training
- Web Consultation
- Advertising
- Events

Don't see it here? Just ask!

Long & short term, hourly & bid by job.


Who is Atul Sikrai ?

Accomplished entrepreneur and executive leader with a strong portfolio of successes. Orchestrating the start-up, growth, and optimization of diverse businesses within online services, financial, and consumer goods.

Specialties: Operations • Business Development • Online Marketing/Advertising
Business Services • Information Services • Negotiations •
Organizational Development, Growth • Client Relations • Sales Development

Thanking You

Atul Sikrai
Sr Vice President (wiTdom investment advisory)
Founder ( Brand Diagonal)
Chief Mentor ( Esteem MeLife )