Monday, July 9, 2012

Out Of Mind

Introduction: I am really relaxed. I love music. Horror movies are awesome. Obsessed with Pandora (still). Love art; painting, drawing, makeup, fashion. Loving life at the moment (:       I am Lover, Fighter, and Artist & Songwriter.

Warning: Don't come at me being a humorless person, I will make you regret it. Trust me. I will do something to not cause you physical pain but I will definitely make you upset. I am sick and tired of being mistreated by some humorless persons, and I will no longer have it. I like who I am, I am far from perfect and never claim to be. I post the good the bad the ugly. : I WILL POST WHAT I WANT.
Sometimes I am happy and want to share that, sometimes I feel like an evil man and want to be as nasty as I can. I may even disagree with you sometimes. Not working is so boring. I sit here all day with nothing to do. Life is so hard..
Who the Ruck am I bills are all paid..I Post like it is a sport and I work really hard on never really knowing what day it is...
My weekend starts on Wednesday and finishes on is a hard life but someone has to do it lol.
Do not hate me because I am crazy; hate me because I am full of intelligence: P
Here is a me about something you're involved with for eight hours or more every day on your your job. Now you have your own personal humor punch. I will allow you to reflect on this time, view it in new ways and deal with it creatively. It's a humor punch, an individual companion for your brain or hand. Not only will it ask you unusual questions, it will actually challenge you. Use it to generate novel ideas and fresh perspectives and achieve greater mental agility.

home - survived the bleeding - hung over - have to pull my shit together to go to mums for lunch - brain no worky, skipping all notification, just too many to see.... sorry...yay it is monday...wanted to finish on a happy is Monday isn't it.. yeah phew.
Love ya

Atul Sikrai

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