Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Multi-Page Diatribe of Psychobabble

Ok, first a bit of a disclaimer. In terms of getting to know a person, I think one shouldn't take what's posted on social media too much deeper than face value. Social media is no substitute for actually getting to know a person.
I see myself as a good Social Media(SM) user, I am here most days, I invite my friends and I encourage all I meet to jump over to SM
I am a consumer, I have disposable income...
After reading this little tit bit...it just shows me that they consider my content un-interesting and inappropriate. This little blurb, "serendipitous and diverse information".... well just LOL!
It should never be what YOU can do for a web site. It is about what a web site can do for YOU...without us they make no money. Without us there are no SM Simple facts!
So here goes a bit of wild speculation in the name of fun.
I have an offbeat sense of humor and am willing to accept a broad range of things as interesting, I am not narrowing minded. I feel passionately about certain things, more than just a little ambivalent about others.
I am one of four people on earth who can do the two steps in just one step.
I am part of a secret society so secret, even I don't know about it. I would take four sugars in my tea but you don't like tea that sweet. I can recite any palindrome backwards perfectly without a second thought. I know at least two ways to do anything once.
I can cook two-minute noodles in thirty seconds.
I can calculate the odds of "that, and know intuitively what they say before they say it.
I have discovered the meaning of life and have since changed my view of its definition. I would have been able to discern more, but I am a quite a private person.

Always your

Atul Sikrai

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