Friday, May 18, 2012

Proud to be a BEAR

People in financial market often call me intrinsic Bear.
Let me tell that I am proud to be bear and often run huge short positions in equity and commodity markets. If you are reader of our wiTdom blogs you must have noticed that I was constantly bearish on markets and was confident about the market crashing.
As we see markets around world are falling its moment of joy for me.

People often call me selfish cruel and arrogant bear .But let me tell you it’s my vision to predict future that makes us bearish. We are able to measure the fundamentals correctly.
We are able to plot technical right and my solid weapon that ability to see what stars and planets are going to do.

See Bear are not cruel but they are realistic persons who takes negatives in the system as top priority .See I am you friend and I am here to help you .If something is wrong in the system we are here to tell you about it.I just care for you that’s why I get arrogant and often scare you about worst future so don’t get hurt if I offend your views.
Yes lord is with me and I know I am right! And soon world will understand me.

Thanking you

Atul Sikrai

Vice President ( wiTdom investment)
Founder ( Brand Diagonal)
Chief Mentor ( Esteem Melife)
Humor officer (Satango)

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