Friday, March 16, 2012

Atul Crazy Version 1.1

Introduction: Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. Kids are not welcome on my blog. Please leave.

You asked so here is the brief history of Atul Sikrai:
Established  1974. I come from a very conservative family. My parents think anyone who has a GF is a bad guy; you can guess the rest of their opinions. I had an excellent private education and then went on to further it, and further it still. I have bits of paper that prove it. If I think like you then you will know that I am not normal. If I do not, then you will never understand so there is no point explaining. I find it very hard to suffer fools, but my nerves are to be a little more tolerable with the stupid of this world and more vocal towards too ignorant.

 I live in Mumbai, India, and I have had several scary ideas so that is the most you will get out of me. When I play I play hard. I have 2 speeds, light speed and stop.

I am as clever as I am stupid. If you are around for the clever moments I will amaze you, unless you stick around and watch me at my dumbest then you will lose all said amazement. If you take me seriously you do so at your own risk. My mood changes weekly blame the hormones. I try not to hate a lot of things because it takes up so much time. I am random and I make myself laugh. I am not on social media to sell anything or gain any kind of reputation. If I see something that is funny I post it. If I think something and want to share...yeah you guessed it. When you flatter me I just presume you are being sarcastic. I can not handle compliments well, so I get all smart arse about it...

Believe it or not...I am a little bit shy till I get to know a person or situation. I am braver when there is a screen there..

OK as always bored of talking about me...blah blah blah..


Atul Sikrai.

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